Our Story

We are a manufacturing company founded by the Ethiopian young entrepreneur Mr. Tewodros Mulgeta in 2007.The manufacturing plant is equipped with state-of-the-art processing machinery, lab equipment and utility section along with appropriate professionals.So as to scale up the plant production capacity, upgrade the product quality and implement zero wastage producing principle; subsequent expansion program is underway. Besides, the company has already designed its forward integration plan to implement home & office furniture manufacturing plant together with foam and aluminum producing plant for the furniture and construction sub sector inputs.

Our Products

  • Plywoods
  • Timber
  • MDF
  • Other Products

Our Investment Value

Excluding the present market value of the investments, the company’s fixed asset value is boosted to ETB 400 million which is equivalent to USD 12.23 million. This investment value is excluding the working capital budget of the factory as well as the trading business’s working capital budget.

Employment Opportunity

The company gives employment opportunity for more than 450 citizens.

Our Mission

Establishing all engineered wood manufacturing plant in Ethiopia with equipped state of the art technologies and become the leading manufacturer and supplier of all items of engineered woods in Africa.

Our Vision

Establishing all engineered woods manufacturing plant in Ethiopia until 2030.

Our Values

Employees – our employee’s values are immeasurable.
Customer Focused – Our customers are our sustainability guarantee.
Quality first – quantity is later on quality assurance
Environment – We have a very concern for the environment
Excellence – Operational excellence through continuous improvement.
Responsible for the community – as a citizen, we are responsible for our community.
Value addition – We recognize the margin value added rather the magnitude.

We Provide The Best Products In the Industry

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Our Management Team

To contact our management team 

Tewodros Mulugeta

Owner and Managing Director tewodros@maereg.com

Gashaw Asaye

Deputy Managing Director gashaw.a@maereg.com

Ermias Tadesse

Import Export Manager ermias.t@tdmufactory.com

Tewodros Mesay

Finance & Admin. Manager tewodros.m@maereg.com